Karen and Jim, in their bi-monthly joint blog, offer two different perspectives on the relationships in our lives and the blessings and challenges that go along with living and loving more fully.

Karen Foley got married but did not live happily ever after, no matter how many times she tried it. With her children all grown and gone her challenge now is to reinvent her life, to finish her education, to revitalize her career, and to remember that old is inevitable but bitter is optional! Karen provides the voice of “reality” to Jim’s “and they lived happily ever after.” Be sure to visit Karen’s living section blog Postcards From a Work in Progress as well.


Jim LaPierre actually does live happily ever after with his wife of 24 years, Brigitte. Now empty-nesters as well, Jim and Brigitte have their own business, a new home and are welcoming new challenges. Jim is also a professional counselor and provides the “voice of a therapist” to Karen’s “voice of bitter experience.”

Brigitte LaPierre is an accountant and accomplished woman on her own. She never planned on being part of a blog, but like many other things that came along with being married to Jim, here she is! Be sure to visit Jim’s Health blog Recovery Rocks as well.